Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jus Ske Interview (3/7)

At the beginning of February Jus Ske's album "My Mind is Playing Tricks On Me" made the rounds on the internet. In the increasing crop of mixtapes being available for free download, this isn't one to miss. Read Jus Ske's bio at his official site. I had the opportunity to speak with Jus Ske amidst some NYC construction and learned quite a bit about the "My Mind is Playing Tricks On Me" album. If you haven't listened to his album there is a link below the interview.

JJ: What effect will the DJ Drama/RIAA raid have on mixtapes and on DJ's?

Jus Ske: They are crackin down, but there are ways to get around it. They will never stop it, people will find a way around it. It can be done legally, people just need to be careful. But the RIAA, on one hand the label is saying "its cool" and then the RIAA comes after you.

JJ: What are you working on now?

Jus Ske: I am working on an album with lots of people. I'm trying to get a track with Robin Thicke and Clipse, Kayne, Dangermouse and some more. We are far along in the process, but a far way from it coming out.

JJ: Looking back on "My Mind is Playing Tricks On Me" what are you thoughts?

Jus Ske: The thing is that I could have done a better job. It was getting late and I was rushed, there are certain songs that didn't fully go together. There were songs I could hear inspired Pharrell and I really wanted to put them together. I give the album an 8/10. People tell me a part sounds wack and I tell them, "I know it sounds fucking wack". I know there are parts that are wack. The thing that sucks is, I could have made it a 10. The ball just started rolling and I had to wrap up stuff. But it could have been a 10.

JJ: It is very interesting that you were trying to match the songs up with the songs that inspired Pharrell. Any specific examples or parts that were the most frustrating?

Jus Ske: On the track 'An Airbag Saved My Best Friend' I really wanted to have Thom's voice on the chorus with Pharrell, that would have been perfect.

JJ: Being in Minnesota, I have to ask what is up with the Spymob (who are from Minnesota).

Jus Ske: I'm not sure if they are still on Star Trek, or if Pharrell will take them on the road with N.E.R.D. I do know that they are on good terms with Pharrell. The thing about Pharrell is that he never ends a relationship on bad terms, except for maybe Kelis. I don't know how he does it, but it is all very diplomatic.

JJ: Pharrell has to get out that Coldchain record.

Jus Ske: I know, he got pushed back with all the problems he has been going through with Jail and stuff.

JJ: Thanks for the time, good luck with everything keep me in the loop.

Jus Ske: Thanks

Jus Ske is going to be a name you are going to hear a lot of now and in the future. He has quite a bit going on including an energy drink, a clothing line called Dan√úcht (pronounced thenewshit) as well as his weekly spot every Saturday at the Marquee in NYC. Keep up to date on his myspace as well as his official spot. Make sure you downloading "My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me" if you haven't.