Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rich Boy Interview: 12/5

Zone 4/Interscope Records rap signee Rich Boy will be releasing "Product of Tha Hustle" early next year. The album will feature production credits including Timbaland, Kanye West, Polow, Jazze Pha, and Needlez to name a few. Rich Boy was born in Mobile, Alabama and has already starting to make noise with current single 'Throw Some D's' . I received a phone call on my cell phone today from the 251 area code and it was none other than Rich Boy for his interview with Still-Listen.

JJ: I just want to say how much I am feelin "Throw Some D's" I can't wait for the remix with Jim Jones and The Game.

Rich Boy: Thanks, we just finished that up, this January we'll leak it.

You: That's gonna be huge

RB: Hell Ya, they my boys

JJ: I gotta say one of my friends told me that she was curious what you mean about the line from "Throw Some D's" where you say "Throw some D's in that bitch". I told her you didn't mean that and it was all good. I'm telling you I don't think I drove anywhere this summer without listening to that track.

RB: [Laughs] Lots of people have actually pointed it out me, if you like throw some D's wait till you hear the album.

JJ: What you think about Wayne and Baby Kissing?

RB: I don't want to speak on others traditions and cultures, but I don't think it's gay. What they do is they own business.

JJ: Then maybe Wayne needs to stop saying "Weezy fucking Baby" if he doesn't want to it to be interpreted the wrong way. Do you think Wayne's the best rapper out right now?

RB: [Laughs] Weezy fucking Baby, that is some funny shit, yea he does. He been killin it recently.

JJ: Are there going to be tracks from "Bring it to the Block" (DJ Drama Mix Tape) on "Product of Tha Hustle"?

RB: Yeah there will be, "D-Boyz" is gonna be on there and some more. There is going to be another tape with Drama coming out too. Drama is my dude.

JJ: What are your top records this year?

RB: Jay, Game, Snoop, Luda.

JJ: Jeezy?

RB: Oh that Jeezy is nice too.

JJ: You went to school for a semester in Alabama right?

RB: Yeah I went to Tuskegee University as a mechanical engineering major.

JJ: What was that like?

RB: Fucking girls and parties. The dorm rooms there are like a jail cell.

JJ: I bet

RB: No, seriously they were like a jail cell. Concrete walls and shit.

JJ: What is your favorite track on your record, 'Throw Some D's'?

RB: Thats my jam, "Throw Some D's" I can't even lie

JJ: Is that the track on the record that you sit back and listen to and get pumped on cause it is your shit?

RB: The track that I really snapped on, my favorite one is "Lost Girls", but the track i really snapped on was when it "Gets To Poppin". I repped a whole different style on it

JJ: How much does being on Interscope affect you, do you plan on gettin down with the G-Unit dudes?

RB: Young buck showed me love when he see me, also Game showed me love. Its just a speak situation like "whats up" and then we handle business.

JJ: I'm gonna let you go, thanks for the interview and congratulations and best of luck with the record. Your going to do well.

RB: Anytime man, thanks. Anytime.

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