Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Pack Interview (1/25)

The Pack just released a 7 song EP called 'Skateboards 2 Scrapers ' through Up All Night/Jive Records. The single "Vans" was covered in all corners of the internet and raised controversy after being edited for MTV after their refusal to air the video due to the product placement. Regardless of support the video received, "Vans" was listed as the number 5 song of the year by Rolling Stone. "I'm Shining"(which in my opinion is the best song on the EP) has just been released as the next single.

After some initial confusion about the name of this web site I was able to settle in for an interview with Lil B from The Pack (Lil Uno, Young L, and Young $tunna stepped out). I explained where I was from and it some how resulted in Lil B thinking I had some purple haze.

The most surprising thing in the interview was that Lil B didn't know about the DJ Drama/Donald Cannon stuff. I was also taken back by Lil B's answer to who he would like to work with if he could work with anyone.

JJ: What was your reaction to name change from 'The Wolfpack' to 'The Pack'?
Lil B: It's all good there were a lot of groups out there with the name and we had to distinguish ourselves

JJ: You know about the wrestlers right
Lil B: Oh yea Kevin Nash and those dudes

JJ:You didn't name yourselves after them did you?
Lil B: Nahh

JJ: What producers are you looking for for the LP
Lil B: Young L is gonna do the whole thing, Lil Jon, we are hoping to get and Jazzie Pha

JJ: What guests would you want to get if you could get anyone?
Lil B: Weebie, Jeezy, Twista

JJ: What do you think of Lil Wayne?
Lil B:Wayne is the man, we are gonna get his boy Curren$y on something

JJ: What do you think about the DJ Drama/Cannnon stuff?
Lil B: Oh we hopefully can get a gangsta grillz

JJ:Those dudes are in big trouble, they might go to jail
Lil B: What?

JJ: Yea, bit RIAA/CIA swat team raid for bootlegging. They don't know what they do and how vital what they do is to rap music
Lil B:They went to jail? that is some deep shit. For sure.

JJ: I heard some rumors about some distaste for Pharrell, what do you have to say about that?
Lil B: Nah, we down with Pharrell. We are good friends.

JJ: What do you think of Moss in Oakland?
Lil B: I don't know man, I don't know much about that.

JJ: Do you follow Bay Area sports?
Lil B: I got a few teams I like, but I'm not really into football.

JJ: What sports do you watch?
Lil B: I don't really watch sports, I stopped a long time ago.

JJ: I was talking to a friend in Paris and I told him I would be talking to you today and he wanted me to let you know how much they are feeling hyphy and the pack out there
Lil B:Tell him whats up and we are going to try to rock it out there. We would love to get get out to Paris.

Thanks for your time and best of luck to you guys.

Anytime man, keep me updated and tell me whats good.